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Welcome to the rosetta store + bakery online store.

Due to continued stock shortages (from the panic buying during March 2020) we may not be able to supply the available range of products on our online shop until stock levels return to normal. We'll endeavour to keep any inconvenience to a minimum and appreciate your understanding.

All your favourite things available with just a few clicks right here. Select products from the left and watch your shopping list grow on the right.

Your order will be carefully packed and ready for you to collect or delivered to you at a convenient time. We will keep a track of your last order and all your frequently purchased products to make your next visit even easier. Think of it as your own online pantry. 

First time users (or those of you looking for some advanced tips) should check out the 'User Guide' to find out how you can let us know about all the little things that count the most - like your preference for sliced bread or whether you want your ham sliced or shaved.

Have fun and let us know if we can do it better here.
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